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Bringing you the best AML KYC Software

Our smart automation AML KYC (Know Your Customer) Software enables you to achieve total AML compliance, cut costs, reduce risk, and solve your AML challenges.

Secure & Reliable

Scalable & Accurate

Easy to use & Flexible

With the Right Software, Compliance with AML CFT Rules Made Easy

Trusted AML Tech makes the KYC compliance process simple and stress-free.

You can now improve your onboarding experience that meets the AML CFT rules at a low overall cost.

People We Work With


Supporting accountants to achieve AML KYC compliances with scalability and fiscal responsibility in mind

Tax Agents

Providing effective software to help meet their end-to-end AML requirements at a low cost.


Making the client onboarding process faster for lawyers and legal practices

What We Offer

A tool for businesses and organisations to differentiate and take a transformational approach to client onboarding while offering smooth compliance with AML CFT rules. 

Trusted AML Software - Manage AML in one software

One Stop Solution

  • Provide unified interfaces

  • Manage AML in one software

  • Multi-language

  • Easy integration

Trusted AML Software - Flexible price for small to medium businesses


  • Flexible price for small to medium businesses

  • Flexible integration

  • Easy to use

Trusted AML Software - Perform PEP checks & sanction


  • Perform PEP checks & sanction

  • Design for small businesses

  • Secure cloud storage

Trusted AML Software - Desktop & mobile browser

Multiple Devices

  • Desktop browser

  • Desktop + mobile browser

  • Mobile app

AML Software for onboarding process of anti money laundering in Australia
AML Software for onboarding process of anti money laundering in Australia

How It Works

With our AML Software, the complex and manual onboarding process of anti money laundering in New Zealand made be simple and cost-effective.

Why Choose Us

Simple and easy to use​

Flexible configuration

Best price to suit you

Perform biometric checks

For all types of customers

Use Cases

  • Business onboarding

  • Individual onboarding

  • Merchant risk management

  • PEP & sanction checks

  • And many more

What Our Clients Say

With their level of expertise, their team of professionals has helped us to stay compliant with all AML CFT rules, while also providing valuable insights on how to improve our internal AML/CFT  processes with their AML Software


They are always available to answer any questions and provide guidance on any issues that may arise. I highly recommend Trusted AML compliance services to any organisation looking for a reliable and professional AML/CFT service provider.


Trusted AML assists me to ensure I am meeting AML CFT rules easily and efficiently. They have the best tool I've ever used for anti money laundering in New Zealand.


Explore Our Competitive AML Software Pricing Options 

We offer price plans for every customer type - trusts, companies and individuals, and more.

  • Starter

    Perfect for sole trader and one-man companies
    • Single user
    • 1 clients ID verification
    • 1 clients sanction & PEP search
    • Pay as you go

Get Ready to Meet AML CFT Rules At A Low Cost With Trusted AML Tech

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